Durherm Portable Sauna Review


Durherm is a renowned company that offers portable saunas of incredible quality. Portable saunas have truly changed the game for heat therapy. Where once one had to go to a spa or a gymnasium to be able to enjoy a traditional sauna near them, a portable sauna makes it possible for one to enjoy a quick sauna session in their own homes.

You can also take your portable sauna along with you on holidays and camping trips. Often, people may need infrared sauna therapy for chronic pain and being able to use the sauna every day, even for 15 minutes, is something portable saunas have made possible.

Saunas can also be useful for detoxing and allowing your body to sweat some of the toxins out through perspiration. But if you can do that from the comfort of your home, there is nothing like it. You can also use the sauna in your backyard or in a spare room and then immediately step into a cold shower.

A lot has been said about the products offered by Durherm and many of these reports have been positive—but does the company really offer quality products? The following sections will attempt to explore what Durherm portable saunas have to offer. The review will provide a brief glimpse of the features that the portable sauna has to offer, what sets it apart, as well as where there is room for improvement.

About Durherm

As a company, Durherm has been around since 2002, serving people’s consumer product needs. It has been known for electronic items such as cell phones and related accessories, household devices and, of course, their portable infrared saunas. The items are shipped from Arizona, United States.

Their products are typically available at eBay, Amazon and Walmart. The Durherm Portable Sauna is one of its most popular products and there is a lot of chatter about it in the market. The following are some of the features, pros and cons of the portable sauna:


  • Foldable Sports Chair: Each portable sauna comes with a canvas foldable sports chair which makes it convenient to sit comfortably and enjoy the heat. Once you are done with the sauna session, you can simply fold the chair and stow it away along with the sauna (which is also foldable and easy to store).
  • Low-EMF: The sauna boasts extremely low levels of EMF, ranging from 0 to 3.5 mg. When you place the chair in the middle of the sauna tent, there is almost 0 EMF as you will be at a safe distance from the heating panels. Low EMF is an important feature for any electronic device as there is evidence to suggest that human beings can be exposed to long-term health issues with high exposure to EMF.
  • Far Infrared: This is a far-infrared sauna that provides a deep penetrative heat that affects the cells of the body directly. This type of heat may be felt a lot more deeply by the body, as compared to traditional wet saunas, even though the temperatures typically do not go as high as the latter. Far infrared is useful for treating various types of chronic pain and ailments.
  • Heated Footpad: There is a heated footpad integrated into the sauna which one can control and monitor easily using an efficient remote control. Simply place your feet over the heating pad and you can feel the warmth emanating from the floors as well. This is useful as the heat panels will target your body but the footpad is useful for giving you heat from the bottom up.
  • Spacious: This portable sauna is also the large size among the products offered by the company. This makes it a spacious option for those who require more leg space. Even though it is large in size, however, when the tent folds down it is easy to store.
  • Carbon Fiber Heating Elements: The portable sauna also features three heaters that have superconductive, hi-tech, and ultra-thin carbon fiber heating elements. You can enjoy a far infrared sauna session of as little as five minutes, or as much as 60 minutes, though the default time setting range is from 5-30 minutes. After 30 minutes, you can make increments up by 5 minutes.
  • Remote Control: The sauna comes with a remote control that makes it easy to manage all the controls. You can adjust the temperature and the time for each session using the remote control. The remote control, however, will be wired.
  • Terry Cloth: The portable sauna uses double-reinforced terry cloth around the neck that makes it soft to the touch and comfortable. There is also a foam pad that provides optimal comfort.
  • Negative Ions: The heating panels in this portable sauna contain tourmaline, which is a mineral stone known for emitting high amounts of negative ions.

    When the air has higher amounts of negative ions, that is a sign of clean and healthy air that is good for your respiratory system. So it is important for a confined tent, especially one which is connected to an electrical circuit, to have plenty of negative ions going around.
  • Other Specifications: The dimensions of the portable sauna tent are 31.5 inches x 33 inches x 41 inches (WxDxH). The power outlet that works with is between AC 110-120 V and 60 Hz. It weighs 25 lb.


  • The portable sauna is extremely easy to fold down and store. While it does not come with a carrying bag, it has straps on the side and a handle. When you fold the sauna tent, you can simply wrap the straps around which will keep the tent in place. You can also hold the foldable chair in place with the straps.
  • The portable sauna also offers incredible safety. Based on feedback, there are truly low levels of EMF emitted in this sauna tent. The negative ions emitted from the tourmaline on the heating pads also ensure the air is clean and safe to breathe.
  • The tent has an opening for the neck, as well as two openings that are useful for keeping your arms out. You can easily enjoy reading a book or checking emails on your phone while you are enjoying a sweat in the sauna.
  • The heated footpad also provides you heat from the bottom so you can get 360-degree infrared red heat. Since the heating pads are typically placed along the sides of the tent, the feet can often be neglected. The heating pad ensures you also get heat from the bottom up.
  • The heat panel ranges from 104-140 degrees Fahrenheit in surface temperature, offering increments of 9 degrees. The air inside the sauna will go up to over 110 degrees Fahrenheit, which is just the right amount of heat for you to break into a good sweat but it will not feel uncomfortable to sit in the sauna.
  • All three zippers can be operated from inside the tent as well as outside, which makes it extremely convenient in case you get inside and decide you want to keep your arms outside.


  • It does not come with an extended warranty and several customers have complained about the electric circuit malfunctioning soon after the short warranty period ends.
  • It does not have too many modes. For a portable sauna at the price range described, several other competitors offer modes like Ozone Cleaning.
  • Several customers have reported that the sauna tent arrives without a proper instruction manual and there is no extra neck collar provided.
  • The zipper could use some reinforcement as some customers have reported they tend to break after only a few uses.

Final Thoughts

The Durherm Portable Sauna is one that offers several features and advantages. This is a mid-range portable sauna that is not the most pressing on one’s pocket, as there are options that are more expensive than this one.

It comes with a foldable sports chair that makes it easy for you to enjoy a sauna session in comfort. When you are sitting on the chair, there is almost zero EMF that the body will be exposed to.

However, there is still room for more options and features even within this portable sauna. For starters, the sauna could use an Ozone Cleaning mode which would ensure that all the bacteria in the sauna is killed after every session. It is also unclear whether the sauna is viable with power outlets of all kinds and whether one can use it in Europe or anywhere outside the United States.

Overall, though, this is a good buy simply because it will pay for itself by how much money you will save by having a portable sauna. You can easily use it in your backyard and have the sauna set up in no time to enjoy a good sweat.

This costs far less than investing in a traditional wooden sauna or even paying for a gym membership so you can use the sauna there. The other scope for improvements notwithstanding, this is a good option for an infrared portable sauna.

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