Durherm Portable Sauna Review

Durherm is a renowned company that offers portable saunas of incredible quality. Portable saunas have truly changed the game for heat therapy. Where once one had to go to a spa or a gymnasium to be able to enjoy a traditional sauna near them, a portable sauna makes it possible for one to enjoy a … Read more

Heatwave Portable Sauna Review

Sauna therapy is not only a wonderful way to relax after a long tiring day, but sauna use has also been linked with plenty of health benefits. However, going to a spa or gym frequently for sauna sessions can be prohibitively expensive. Now, you have the luxury of enjoying sauna sessions every day right in … Read more

3 Best Portable Infrared Saunas in 2022

Sauna bathing is a very popular thing to do in the fitness industry. But nowadays, due to its health benefits, more people are considering sauna bathing in their routines for the daily dose of detoxification and relaxation. But a sauna session isn’t really accessible for everyone. There are some very specific requirements for the steam … Read more