Basic Overview Of the Matt Justice Sauna Detox Protocol

In the world of health and wellness, detoxification has become a cornerstone for those seeking to cleanse their bodies and enhance their vitality. Among various detox methods, infrared sauna therapy has emerged as a powerful tool. Matt Justice, a prominent figure in the field of sauna technology and wellness, has developed the Matt Justice Sauna … Read more

Do Portable Saunas Really Work?

Are you wondering if portable saunas really work or not? Can you get a detoxifying sweat from a portable sauna tent just like you can from a wooden sauna? The short answer is, yes they are very effective. The longer answer is, be careful buying the knockoff portable saunas that don’t deliver enough heat. Are … Read more

Can Saunas Kill Coronavirus?

The short answer to this question is a resounding ‘No!’. It is not possible to increase body temperature to a point where you can kill any virus, let alone coronavirus. If that were true, there are a lot of places where the temperature gets quite high. Not sauna high but quite high and the scientists … Read more

Best Steam Saunas in 2023

Apart from offering complete relaxation, sauna therapy has immense benefits. However, regular sauna sessions at the spa or gym can be prohibitively expensive. However, now you have an excellent option where you can enjoy sauna therapy sessions at your leisure. You don’t need to pay every time you want to enjoy a sauna session or … Read more

2023’s Best Infrared Saunas Reviewed

After a long, tiring day, the idea of a relaxing sauna session truly sounds like complete bliss. And, if you’re thinking about purchasing an infrared sauna for your home, that’s a great idea. An infrared sauna offers several other benefits apart from relaxation. However, discovering the right infrared sauna for your needs can be rather … Read more

Ben Greenfield Has Good Reasons for Being a Sauna Addict

A lot has been said about the benefits of the sauna and there are also questions regarding some of the uses sweating in the sauna can provide. The sauna experience is by no means a new concept. It has been around for centuries, whether you think of the traditional saunas from Finland or the sweat … Read more

Barrel Sauna Buyers Guide 2023

If you want to purchase an outdoor sauna for your home and are looking for a unique option, then you could consider a barrel sauna. While using the traditional method of heating, barrel saunas offer a new perspective in terms of the overall appearance. A barrel sauna, with its rounded design, can look quite good … Read more

Are Saunas Useful for Burning Fat?

In today’s fashion-conscious world, everyone wants to watch their weight. Most people want to drop the extra kilos and tone down. Even if you do not want to look physically leaner, burning fat is always a desirable thing as it means your body is not sedentary and that you are getting the right amount of … Read more