Radiant Health E-4H Elite Model – 4 Person


The Radiant Health E-4H Elite Model is a classic design with plenty of space for 4 people to enjoy sauna together.

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The Radiant Health E-4H Elite Model is a 4 person infrared sauna. The E-4H features 2 benches on opposite walls making conversation natural and effortless. The design allows more than enough room for you and a partner to put your legs up or lay down while enjoying your sauna experience.


Features and Specifications:

  • Approximate Size: 58”D x 72”W x 77”H (62″D with overhang)

  • Carbon Flow far infrared heating system, including heating panels below bench

  • Digital controls inside and out

  • Plug-in, 20 amp 110- volt outlet

  • Integral latching system for a finished look and fast assembly

  • Spot lighting and mood lighting
  • Stereo with hard wired USB and AUX port for cell phone, laptop, and ipad compatibility

Modular Wooden Infrared Sauna Kit Installation Example


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