Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 5 Person Full Spectrum

The Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 5 is one of the largest outdoor infrared saunas on the market giving you the freedom to comfortably enjoy sauna outdoors with 4 people.


Discount code: “matt-justice-500”



The Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 5 gives you all the benefits of sauna while enjoying the great outdoors. The extra room gives you tremendous amounts of space able to fit 4 people comfortably. When used alone, the unique reclining bench lets you rest comfortably sitting or laying down. The full glass front allows you to enjoy the wonderful outdoor view. Thick double paned glass and engineered wood keep the cold out while Canadian mahogany interior keeps the heat in.


  • The Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 5 features carbon far infrared heater on the back wall, side walls, floor, and calf area. 4 full spectrum quartz halogen heaters in the front gives full body heat coverage.



  • Interior
    • 76.75″x47″x71.5″
  • Bench: 72.75″ recline/flat bench
  • Exterior
    • 82.25″x51.5″x80″
    • Add 8.25″ for roof overhang
    • Weight: 1,050 lbs



  • 240 volts
  • 3,800 watts
  • 16 amps
  • Plugs into a 240v outlet


Discount code: “matt-justice-500”


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