Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 2 Person Full Spectrum

The Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 2 features ‘furniture grade’ build quality, designed to stand up to whatever nature can throw at it. The Outdoor 2 comfortably fits 2 adults and allows you both to enjoy the scenery while getting all the benefits of infrared sauna.

Discount code: “matt-justice-500”



The Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 2 provides full body infrared coverage while allowing you to enjoy outdoor scenery. The outside is crafted with engineered wood, which double pain glass, and double wall insulation to keep the weather out and heat in. Canadian mahogany is used on the inside for maximum comfort and style. The large double pane glass windows ensure the heat stays in while you enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of the Sanctuary Outdoor 2. A built in charging and audio station, 36 hour programable timer, and smartphone control gives you the ability to manage your sauna from anywhere, anytime.



  • The Clearlight Sanctuary Outdoor 2 features far infrared heaters on all three walls, calves, and in the floor. 2 full spectrum quartz halogen rod heaters blend seamlessly into the front design giving 365 degree infrared coverage to the body.



  • Interior
    • 51″x46″x71.5″
  • Bench: 50″ x 22″
  • Exterior
    • 57″x52″x80″
    • Add 8.25″ for roof overhang
    • Weight: 765 lbs



  • 240 volts
  • 2,400 watts
  • 15 amps
  • Plugs into a 240v outlet


Discount code: “matt-justice-500”


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