Clearlight Premier IS-3 – 3 Person

The Clearlight Premier IS-3 fits 3 people comfortably and gives you extra space to stretch out when used alone.

Discount code: “matt-justice-500”


The Clearlight Premier IS-3 comfortably fits up to 3 people. When used alone the extra space lets you stretch out and even put your legs up. Bluetooth speakers and LED accent lights ensure you maximize your sauna relaxation.



  • The Clearlight Premier IS-3 features far infrared heaters on all four walls, calves, and in the floor.


  • Interior
    • 56″x40″x71″
  • Bench: 54″ x 22″
  • Exterior
    • 61″x44″x76″
    • Weight: 440 lbs



  • 120 volts
  • 1,950 watts
  • 16 amps
  • Plugs into a 20 amp outlet


Discount code: “matt-justice-500”


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