David Beckham’s $17,000 Personal Home Sauna


Whether you are a football fan or not, you’re sure to know David Beckham as a huge football superstar. Renowned for his bending freekicks, passing and crossing ability, David Beckham has been acclaimed as among the greatest midfielders in football history. After a glorious 20-year football career, in May 2013, David Beckham retired from his professional football career.

Beckham remains the global ambassador for football and is popularly recognized as a cultural icon of Britain with a huge social media presence and public life in the U.K. with Victoria Beckham, his wife, the erstwhile member of the Spice Girls, a popular pop group of the 90s.

With success and fame comes money that most athletes and celebrities spend on the most absurd luxuries. For instance, Mike Tyson spent his money on buying Bengal tigers. Beckham has bought a fantastic igloo-style Estonian personal sauna for $17,000 (£14,000) which he installed in the garden of his £6 million Cotswold mansion in Oxfordshire in rural England.

Beckham’s igloo-style sauna that resembles a log cabin has been manufactured by Iglucraft, an Estonian company. Iglucraft focuses on making hand-crafted saunas, which are made using completely natural materials and Beckham’s sauna has certainly made Iglucraft famous and put their name out there.

Beckham’s Igloo-Style Sauna

The igloo-style sauna bought by Beckham is a pre-manufactured sauna. The stunning wooden igloo-shaped sauna was built in Leie, a small village in Viljandimaa, situated along the Võrtsjärve, the largest lake in Estonia.

The log cabin-like sauna not only looks extremely stylish from the outside, it has a fairly impressive interior too. Weighing around 1,600 kgs (3,527 lb), the triple sauna can fit 6 people easily. Apart from a steam room and a relaxation room, the sauna has a washing room that allows users to have a quick wash after a sauna session.

The sauna is a traditional “old school” style sauna and does not have running water, although Iglucraft states that it is possible for them to add a shower on the client’s request. The sauna also features benches, a heater, relax room benches and foot stool for the user to relax comfortably.

In an Instagram post, Beckham posted a picture of himself sitting on a bench outside his rustic igloo sauna saying “Thank you to @iglucraft. I’m loving it with this cold weather right now.” Beckham’s move to install a sauna in his home has seemingly inspired Gordon Ramsey, his neighbor to do so too.

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