Benefits & Dangers

Most cheap portable saunas are loaded with VOC’s and EMF.

The off gassing of poorly made sauna tents, isn’t the best thing to be bringing into your home… especially if you have health problems, or are trying to improve your health.

Most portable sauna companies are lying about the EMF levels in their portable saunas. You see they all say low EMF, but when we test them in the real world usage, many are 8 times higher than the national safety limit.

The reason this can be a danger to you and your family, is the close nature of a portable sauna tent design. The wiring and power supply is very close to the body, and when companies lie about shielding the electrical cabling, they’re not manufactured up the standard they’re portrayed as when you purchase.

That is basically false advertising, but unfortunately this is an ungoverned industry.

Now you can know before you buy with every portable sauna tested here at

Our mission is to educate and guide you to the right portable sauna that fits your needs.

Here are a few top rated brands for you to take a look at next:

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